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Apple Open Collaboration Environment (AOCE)

Apple Open Collaboration Environment (AOCE) (1993)

Apple Open Collaboration Environment (or simply "AOCE") was Apple's initiative to develop a network environment for end user consumers, notably PowerTalk, PowerShare and Open Directory.  It was a complex project which overwhelmed...

Copland OS Beta (D7E1, D11E4 June Release, D11E4)

Copland OS Beta (D7E1, D11E4 June Release, D11E4) (1996)

Copland OS was supposed to be the turning point of classic Mac OS.  Starting from 1994, it was supposed to introduce true multitasking, protected memory.  Copland could have been the foundation of Mac OS X altough it was commonly being...

Open Transport 1.1 Beta

Open Transport 1.1 Beta (1995)

Open Transport 1.1 Beta which contains: AppleTalk AppleTalk CDEV ASLM Resources Chooser Menu Manager Update Network Resources OT Debugger Prefs TCP/IP CDEV TCP/IP Preferences  

PowerTalk Beta (1.2.3b3, 1.2.3f3)

PowerTalk Beta (1.2.3b3, 1.2.3f3) (1995)

PowerTalk's goal was to simply the management of Macintosh networks and was developped by Apple in the mid 1990's, under the System 7 era.  PowerTalk's introduced the Keychain concept used in later Mac OS versions.  

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