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If you're planning on running the treasures of the past you'll find here on real old Macintosh hardware from the 90's, you sir/madame, deserve to win an Internet for doing it THE ONLY CORRECT WAY! But for others, there's QEMU, a PowerPC emulator capable of (slowly) running Mac OS X 10.5 down to Mac OS 9.1, SheepShaver, a fake PowerPC emulator capable of running Mac OS 9.0.4 down to Mac OS 7.5.2, Basilisk II, a 68040 emulator, capable of running Mac OS 8.1 down to 7.0. Finally, for everything older than System 7, there's Mini vMac.
Quick tip about Basilisk II if you do not have a real old Mac: v1.4.2 from 2008 can read/write high density (1.4MB) Mac floppy disks using a normal PC floppy drive! I salvaged many old files using it while 5 different Windows apps failed at the task. I highly recommend backing up all your floppy disks using Basilisk II before it's too late!

Don't want to set up an emulator? Just want a quick nostalgia vibe IMMEDIATELY? Instantly play Sim City 2000 under Mac OS 7.5.3 IN YOUR BROWSER or play Sim City 2000 under Mac OS 8.1 IN YOUR BROWSER! NEW! But wait, there's more! Since April 2022, you can now emulate Mac OS 9.0.4 IN YOUR BROWSER!

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ATTENTION! We're looking for a working copy of:
Albert's House (for Macintosh, not Apple II) (around 1987)
• Mac OS 7.6a4c2/bc, 7.6b4, 7.6f1 Beta (around 1997)
• Mac OS 8.0b1 Beta (around 1997)
• Mac OS 8.1a2/bc, 8.1b2, 8.1b3, 8.1b7 Beta (around 1998)
• Mac OS 8.5f3 Beta (around 1998)

We're working on a (WIP) getting started guide for old Mac OS not so savvy users.

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System 7 Steve! The 7 newest old Mac software comments!

#1 "@TheDMCFeducates I would guess by the time they compiled the code, tested the product in house and then print that DVD made..."
on the page: iMac. Mac OS X Install Disc 1. Mac OS v10.4.4. AHT v3A100. Disc v1.1 (DVD)
#2 "Question: If version 10.4.4 was released in 2006, why does it say 2005 in the About This Mac dialogue box?"
on the page: iMac. Mac OS X Install Disc 1. Mac OS v10.4.4. AHT v3A100. Disc v1.1 (DVD)
#6 "Thanks!"
on the page: Quicktime 7.5.5

Mac OS 8 logo Some 8 old Mac software pages search bots seem to give zero f%*# about!

#1 Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere Explorer
#2 Finite Elements Methods Program (DU-FEMP) Drexel University
#3 E&IS SignWare
#4 Flashcard
#5 MacDiet 2.0 Drexel University
#6 Tools for Writers 1.1 Drexel University
#7 Expressionist 0.54 Alpha
#8 Star Gazer

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