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Aaron+Plus 2.1

Aaron+Plus 2.1 (1998)

From the extension resource using ResEdit: Aaron+Plus is an extension that changes visual aspects of your Mac.  It's kind of like an accessory to ~Aaron.  To use this file, place it in the Extensions folder and then restart your...

Alpha Trecker 2.0

Alpha Trecker 2.0 (1992)

AlphaTrecker is an extension that plays Amiga MOD music files in the background while you work on your Mac.  It works OK, but the MOD files I tried were playing slower on some portions of the tune.  It does not seem related to the CPU...

Apple Disability Solutions Software

Apple Disability Solutions Software (1984)

Accessibility & Disibility tools for Mac OS versions 9 and earlier taken from the FTP server before it was closed. Full contents of the download...

ATI RADEON 9000 Pro CD-ROM Mac Edition Release 200

ATI RADEON 9000 Pro CD-ROM Mac Edition Release 200 (2002)

This is the CD-ROM that accompanied the ATI RADEON 9000 Pro 128MB graphics card.  It includes the drivers and extensions needed to use the ATI RADEON 9000 series of GPUs on Macintosh computers.  It also includes ATI Smartshader Demos,...

Audio CD Labeller

Audio CD Labeller (1998)

The Audio CD Labeller Extension allows you to use more meaningful names for your audio CDs.  The MacOS generically labels audio CDs with the names "Audio CD 1" to "Audion CD N" where the digit increases once for every CD you...

AutoMac III

AutoMac III (1988)

Automatic Macro Maker AutoMac III is a macro application (extension) for the Apple Macintosh. It enables you to "record" and "play back" your keystrokes, clicks, and mouse movements to make using other Macintosh applications...

Bomb Shelter

Bomb Shelter (1993)

Bomb shelter is a little INIT (it uses up under 1/2 K of memory) that gives you some protection from System Bombs.  System Bombs occur when a program goes out of control due to programmer error and crashes the machine.  The Macintosh...

CDIconKiller 1.3.3

CDIconKiller 1.3.3 (1994)

To suppress custom icons on CD-Roms, floppy disks and networked install this extension. This tends to speed uo the Finder. To temporaly show the custom icons, hold down the Comman key when opening a folder.


CloakShare (1993)

CloakShare is a small hack which "cloaks" the presence of your computer from novice users on a network. We wrote it when we were at Stanford University and secretly hooked into the campus network. We wanted to be able to run file...


CursorWrap (1987)

Extension that allows the cursor to leave the confines of the screen only to appear on the opposite side. Kind of like Asteroids but without the thrust option. 

Desktop Manager 2.0

Desktop Manager 2.0 (1988)

Prevents desktop rebuilds when swapping back and forth with System 7. Allows desktop mounting of CD-ROM.  Needed for some file serving apps. Part of AppleShare File Server 2.0.1


Discolour (1993)

Discolour (Disc Colour) is a system extension for System 7.0 and later that rectifies a shortcoming in the wonderful Finder 7.0: floppy disk icons are displayed as the ugly old black and white icon while the rest of the desktop is bursting with...

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