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What is SFVol INIT?

SFVol INIT is a little utility which adds a pop up menu to the so called "Standard File" (the ones you see when you select Open... or Save As... from applications and desk accessories) dialog boxes.  This pop up menu allows you to switch to any other online volume instantly and to create new folders.

Once upon a time there was a nice little INIT called QuickFolder by Mark Ingra.  It added a button to the Save As... dialog boxes which allowed you to create a new folder.  I decided that a similar function was needed within my compression/encryption/archival utility, StuffIt.  However, I prefer one solution to be universal across all applications.  So I contacted Mr. Ingra and asked if he'd be interested in allowing me to include his INIT.  His answer was that he already sold the rights to it to a distributor.  So, I decided to write my own.  To avoid possible legal problems, I decided on the pop up menu instead of the extra button.  This has the added advantage of being compatible with applications like PageMaker 3.0, which partially obscures QuickFolder's button.  I must take this opportunity to give Mark Ingra credit for the original implementation.

Download SFVol INIT for Mac

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Mini vMac

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