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Final Cut Express 4

Final Cut Express 4 (2007)
(Modified on 2023-02-03 16:18:42)

Final Cut Express was the tuned down, consumer version of the Final Cut Pro software suite and is now discontinued by Apple.  Final Cut Express was oriented towards home amateurs and semi-professional videographers.  It could output high...

iLife for PPC

iLife for PPC (2002)
(Modified on 2019-12-03 16:05:20)

iLife is a multimedia software suite for early Mac OS X Macintosh computers.  At the turn of the millenium, iLife allowed for very easy movie creation, photo slideshows, music composing, DVD authoring, website creation and more all from your...

691-6677-A,2Z,iLife 11 Install (DVD)

691-6677-A,2Z,iLife 11 Install (DVD) (2010)
(Modified on 2020-07-15 10:58:20)

iLife is the consumer software bundle for multimedia management and creation. You can organize your photos in iPhoto verry well, cut videos in iMovie relativ professionally, burn your own DVDs in iDVD and create and publish your own personal...

Quicktime 7.5.5

Quicktime 7.5.5 (2006)
(Modified on 2022-12-05 14:08:07)

This is the same as 7.6 but it will work on older macs and also if you are running Leopard this is not the version of Qtime that will make I-Tunes 10 work with Front-Row

WowTube - Youtube Client Mac OS 9

WowTube - Youtube Client Mac OS 9 (2021)
(Modified on 2021-03-05 03:31:17)

Welcome to WowTube by WebWow! This is a quick utility that allows you to watch youtube videos on Mac OS 9. Simply connect to a Windows server (seperate download), which will do all the heavy lifting. Search and stream videos at a servicable...

Strata MediaPaint

Strata MediaPaint (1995)
(Modified on 2021-11-12 10:34:24)

Strata MediaPaint is a powerful 90's video editing app that was ahead of its time back in the mid 90's.  Strata MediaPaint would let 68K and PowerMac users easily add effects and embed graphics on top of videos and sort of do the...

iMovie 1.x

iMovie 1.x (1999)
(Modified on 2018-10-07 09:44:59)

iMovie is a video editing software developed and published by Apple. iMovie 1.0.1 shipped with the Blueberry, Grape, Tangerine, Strawberry and Lime iMac DVs in 1999.  

Elastic Reality

Elastic Reality (1994)
(Modified on 2023-01-07 17:21:10)

Elastic Reality was one of the very first PowerPC only app on the Macintosh market.  With Elastic Reality, you could morph, warp, crossfade images and whatnot.  Then you could export the animation to a QuickTime movie with different...

QuickTime 4

QuickTime 4 (2000)
(Modified on 2021-02-14 13:45:48)

QuickTime 4 was the last major release to support 68K Macs with version 4.0.3 and was then fully targetting PowerPC Macs only. QuickTime 4.1 is the only version to fully work under the SheepShaver emulator.  

Adobe After Effects 3.1

Adobe After Effects 3.1 (1997)
(Modified on 2023-01-06 15:03:22)

The industry standard for professional motion graphics on the desktop; "a special effects package that can turn your Macintosh into a post-production suite to create movies, animation, and professional special effects for digital output to...

Final Cut Express HD 3.5

Final Cut Express HD 3.5 (2006)
(Modified on 2021-11-02 10:40:49)

Take your filmmaking to the next level Apple Final Cut Express HD 3.5 is a video editing suite for those who want to go beyond iMovie HD but are not ready for the multiple professional features Final Cut Studio has to offer. Designed for...

QuickTime 6.5.2 for macOS X

QuickTime 6.5.2 for macOS X (2004)
(Modified on 2018-03-29 11:45:11)

QuickTime 6.5.2 is a software developed by Apple. Due to what seems to be a shutdown of macOS X update servers for early versions of X, you can no longer get this version through an update. This version of QuickTime was tested on an imac G3...

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