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GearBox 1.5

GearBox 1.5 (1997)

Passive Configuration with Internet Config GearBox configures Internet Config 1.x, which is supported by many other Internet applications—for instance, Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You can set up any application which supports...

Appearance Manager 1.0.3 (for Mac OS 7.x)

Appearance Manager 1.0.3 (for Mac OS 7.x) (1998)

If you are using MacOS 8.0 or later, you already have the Appearance Manager so this file is not useful to you, but for those of you using MacOS 7.1 - 7.6.1, after installing this, your Macintosh will have the MacOS 8 Platinum Appearance. This will...

Calculate Size 1.2

Calculate Size 1.2 (1998)

Calculate Size CMM Plug-in is the MacOS 8 Contextual Menu Plug-in that makes it easy to calculate the total size of the selected items (files and/or folders). It has been difficult to calculate the total size of the multiple folders and files...

CDIconKiller 1.3.3

CDIconKiller 1.3.3 (1994)

To suppress custom icons on CD-Roms, floppy disks and networked install this extension. This tends to speed uo the Finder. To temporaly show the custom icons, hold down the Comman key when opening a folder.


ClipAppend (1997)

   ClipAppend is a simple control panel that extends the normal functionality of cutting and copying text to the Macintosh clipboard. Usually, when you cut or copy something to the clipboard, you replace whatever is stored there. But with...

CornerClock 1.6

CornerClock 1.6 (1996)

Changes since v1.6: - Added a new clock style for black on white - Added a new option to Preferences for clock style  

DiskExpress II with MultiPartition

DiskExpress II with MultiPartition (1990)

Disk Defragmentation control panel, and Parition-managing Desk Accessory. Optionally automaticall defragments your drive(s) Adjust maximum open file count Add/split multiple resizeable partitions

File System Manager 1.2 SDK

File System Manager 1.2 SDK (1994)

The File System Manager is the part of the Macintosh Operating System that manages the use of foreign file systems. The File System Manager provides a general means by which foreign file systems can be installed, identified, and interfaced to the...

ImageWriter Extension

ImageWriter Extension (1991)

The Apple ImageWriter Extension extracted from my Beige G3 Desktop out of Mac OS 9.2.1. This should work in System 7 to Mac OS 9.x. Provided in case you don't have it installed and don't have or want to roll out your installer(s).

Just Click

Just Click (1991)

MultiFinder-style switching for System 7: System 7 provides a dropdown menu with running applications to select from.  With MultiFinder you click the icon to cycle programs without a list.  This "reverts" System 7 to the...


MacroMaker (1990)

Record keystrokes and mouse movement/clicks.  Then play back using a hotkey combination or the global menu.

Multisession Mounter 2.x

Multisession Mounter 2.x (1994)

Multisession Mounter was useful in the mid 90's for Macintosh clone systems (Umax, etc...) that had a third party CD drive (also useful for any Mac OS 7.1 user before the Apple CD driver was released).  Only the first partition would mount,...

On Location!

On Location! (1991)

A very fast file location Desk Accessroy; index deives and find file quikly and easily

PowerKey Rebound!

PowerKey Rebound! (1999)

Rebound! constantly monitors your Mac ® system to make sure it is running normally. If the system crashes, Rebound! restarts it. If an application crashes, Rebound! can relaunch it or restart the entire system. It also works with many popular...


QuickTrash (1999)

QuickTrash enables you to move a file, a set of files, a folder or a set of folders to Trash Folder with a point-and-click while your other hand is holding down a specific key combination to enable the feature. It is great when you have lots of...


SoundMaster (1997)

SoundMaster is a nice and free control panel addition for System 6 or 7 that lets you set a custom sound to play for each specific Mac OS event, such as when you press a key, empty the trash, shut down your computer, etc... Starting from Mac OS...


SpeakTime (1999)

SpeakTime is an extension and control panel which allow your mac to speak a user specified phrase on start up, speak the time at different intervals, and announce any number of custom phrases at user specified times and dates. It's been...

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