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101 Utilitaires Macintosh pour Système 7 et 6

101 Utilitaires Macintosh pour Système 7 et 6 (1991)

Huit disquettes compactées pleine à craquer. Plus de 10 Mo de logiciels utilitaires, sélectionés soigneusement parmi les meilleurs, les plus puissants et les plus récents de France et des...


AutoLogin (2002)

Autologin v1.0 Release Notes What is Autologin ? Autologin is a preference pane that can automatically mount Appleshare volumes when you login. You specify the shares you want mounted and Autologin takes care of the rest.

Broadband Optimizer

Broadband Optimizer (2002)

Broadband Optimizer v1.0 Like most operating systems, MacOS X doesn't come out of the box to take full advantage of a high-speed, broadband internet connection. Luckily, because of its Unix base, there's an easy fix for that. By making...

Classic Sounds

Classic Sounds (2007)

Classic Sounds will bring back the classic alert sound panel of Mac OS 9 to your new MacOS X! It contains all those classic sounds like Quack and Wild Eep. It also can install the classic sounds in your macosx alert soundbank. Not only that, but...


DesktopConsole (2001)

DesktopConsole allows you to display the system console or any log file on the Desktop. DesktopConsole's features include: • View the system console or any log file on the Desktop. • AppleScript support (scriptable and...


DockDisks (2003)

DockDisks is a simple control panel for Mac OS X that adds the mounted volumes onto the dock.

DragAnyWindow 2.0

DragAnyWindow 2.0 (1993)

DragAnyWindow 2.0 Moves those previously unmovable windows. Great for compact Macs.


Formatter (1992)

Formatierer ---------------- Ein Dienstprogramm zum automatischen formatieren von Disketten. Formatiert automatisch Disketten, ohne die Benutzeroberfäche des Finders durchlaufen zu...

LiteSwitch X

LiteSwitch X (2003)

Introduction LiteSwitch X is an incredibly powerful keyboard application switcher for Mac OS X.  It offers keyboard switching in a style that blends beautifully with Aqua without compromising features or power. This is the official...

MacOS Thai Enabler 2.0

MacOS Thai Enabler 2.0 (1997)

MacOS Thai Enabler 2.0 is a tool that will let you type a word in thai on most text related applications.

Mr. Sound FX Player

Mr. Sound FX Player (1988)

Mr. Sound FX Player is one of those small control panel you put in your System Folder and lets you set a sound to be played when an event is happening in your Mac.  Mr. Sound FX Player 1.7.3 features some events that other similar software...


ParaDocks (2003)

What is ParaDocks? Version 2.0 Paradocks is basically the reincarnation of the Classic application launcher found on OS. Paradocks creates a floating window containing the icons of all currently running applications, and allows you to...


Snapshotter (1994)

Snapshotter is a small utility that saves icons positions on the desktop and lets you reset them in place. With the introduction of the multi-scan monitors and Display Manager it is possible to change the desktop area. This was especially useful...

Squeaky Toy

Squeaky Toy (1997)

Squeaky Toy is an extension which once activated, turns your mouse into a literal squeaky toy. Each click of the mouse will emit the high pitch squeak that everyone knows and loves. This is garenteed to not at all become...


TinkerTool (2002)

TinkerTool is an additional control panel for the System Preferences application that allows users to access more operating system settings than are usually visible in the standard panels. Additionally, TinkerTool can change the startup and login...

Utilities for Fujifilm Digital Camera (version 2.2)

Utilities for Fujifilm Digital Camera (version 2.2) (2000)

This disc was included with the Fujifilm Finepix 1300 digital camera which was sold in 2000. Only the Macintosh contents of the disc are available currently, I can archive the Windows files if needed. The contents are for the classic Mac OS,...

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