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Apple Assistance 1 - Mai 1990

Apple Assistance 1 - Mai 1990 (1990)

3 grandes sections : La première regroupe des applications et des utilitaires jugés indispensables : "Utilitaires", "Applications Apple", Produits Tiers". La deuxième est composée de 550...

Apple Assistance 4 - Mai 1995

Apple Assistance 4 - Mai 1995 (1995)

Apple Assistance N° 4 de Mai 1995 : Tous les logiciels Apple de Mai 1995 en version Française : (En image Disque 800Ko ou 1,4Mo)   Système générique (6.0.7, 7.0, 7.1 et Update 7.5) Système...


CursorWrap (1987)

Extension that allows the cursor to leave the confines of the screen only to appear on the opposite side. Kind of like Asteroids but without the thrust option. 

EAAC Supporter CD

EAAC Supporter CD (1996)

Apple internal EAAC CD (European Apple Assistance Center) with all system software up to 7.5.3, all published patches and lots of informations, partly in English, mostly German. Was handed out to every supporter at the Munich Apple call center...

Mac Drivers Museum Archive (1990-2003)

Mac Drivers Museum Archive (1990-2003) (2003)

Mac Driver Museum was a website ( hosting more than 200 drivers for 1990's Macintosh components such as: accelerator cards, network adapters, tape and various types of disk drives, FM tuners, input devices such as joysticks...

Mac OS Anthology (1999 + 2000 + 2001)

Mac OS Anthology (1999 + 2000 + 2001) (1999)

The Mac OS Anthology, intended for third-party developers to test their software against different versions of the Macintosh operating system, was first announced by Steve Jobs at the WWDC in May 1999. Due to its archival nature, the various Mac OS...

Mac OS System from 1.0 to 7.6.1 (FR)

Mac OS System from 1.0 to 7.6.1 (FR) (1984)

Cette image de disque contient les images système 1.0 à 7.6.1 en Français.  Elle contient également les System Enablers pour différents Mac de l'époque. Images de...

Misc Mac Drivers (1990 - 1997)

Misc Mac Drivers (1990 - 1997) (1990)

This is a miscellenaous archive containing, for the most part, old Mac drivers for pheripherals like printers, tape drives, CD-ROM drives, modems, ethernet cards, TV tuners, etc... and even drivers for Apple printers for Windows 3.1 and...

Peripherals Support Drivers Compilation (1990 to 2001)

Peripherals Support Drivers Compilation (1990 to 2001) (1990)

This peripherals support drivers compilation includes more than 300 system extensions, peripheral/accessories/dongle drivers and their updates for Mac models ranging from 1990 to 2001.  Please download the DiskTracker catalog to instantly...

System Software Recovery. 2000 September (CD 2 of 2)

System Software Recovery. 2000 September (CD 2 of 2) (2000)

This CD contains multi-language Mac OS 8.1 to 8.6 (plus Mac OS 9.0.4 updater) install images in Disk Copy format for various Macintosh models before the year 2000, namely: iBook (first generation) iMac iMac (Bondi Blue) iMac (Slot...

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