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Apple Legacy Software Recovery CD

Apple Legacy Software Recovery CD (1999)

Apple Legacy Software Recovery CD For Macintosh 68030 or 68040-based systems This Mac OS 7.6.1 bootable CD is Apple Legacy Recovery disc dated from fall 1999 and what makes it valuable is that it includes almost every system software for the...

BeOS Preview Release 230105

BeOS Preview Release 230105 (1997)

This is the first BeOS Preview Release 230105 from 1997.  Please note that it requires real compatible hardware to run.    

CD iMac Mac OS 8.5.1 NL + update 8.6

CD iMac Mac OS 8.5.1 NL + update 8.6 (1999)

CD iMac Mac OS 8.5.1 in het Nederlands. Laat het opstarten toe van de iMac, en de installatie van de systeemprogrammatuur Mac OS 8.5.1. Update bestand naar Mac OS 8.6 NL is hier ook te vinden.

CD Mac OS 8.0 Nederlands

CD Mac OS 8.0 Nederlands (1997)

Dit is een Toast Titanium bestand van een originele Mac OS 8.0 CD. Deze CD laat toe Mac OS 8 in het Nederlands te installeren op 68k en PPC Macintosh computers. Werkt ook goed met emulatoren zoals Basilisk en Sheepshaver.

Copland OS Beta (D7E1, D11E4 June Release, D11E4)

Copland OS Beta (D7E1, D11E4 June Release, D11E4) (1996)

Copland OS was supposed to be the turning point of classic Mac OS.  Starting from 1994, it was supposed to introduce true multitasking, protected memory.  Copland could have been the foundation of Mac OS X altough it was commonly being...

EAAC Supporter CD

EAAC Supporter CD (1996)

Apple internal EAAC CD (European Apple Assistance Center) with all system software up to 7.5.3, all published patches and lots of informations, partly in English, mostly German. Was handed out to every supporter at the Munich Apple call center...

iBook Mac OS 9.0 French

iBook Mac OS 9.0 French (1999)

CD d'installation Mac OS 9.0 en Français pour iBook. Permet le démarrage de l'iBook, ainsi que l'installation de Mac OS 9.0 en Français. Si ce CD ne permet l'installation que sur iBook, par contre, il...


KanjiTalk (1986)

KanjiTalk 1.0 was the Japanese version of the Mac OS starting from 1986 and was based on System 3.0. KanjiTalk 2.0 was based off System 4.1 in 1987. KanjiTalk 6.0 was the third main release of the Japanese Mac OS 6.0. KanjiTalk was...

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