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What is Shuriken?

Shuriken is the official follow-up project to Sorbet Leopard, as well as the direct successor to the AquaTrimcelerator / AquaSuite Mac OS X 10.4 utility packages, in addition to being the ultimate culmination in (PowerPC-based) Mac OS X performance optimization, outclassing version 10.3 in both performance and usability.

It achieves this goal by adapting the breakthrough*1 resource optimizations present in Sorbet Leopard to the lighterweight Tiger base system, resulting in even faster application and OS response times, as well as a significantly improved smoothness and fluidity in 2D graphics operations.

Sharing direct lineage with the likes of Sorbet Leopard however, Shuriken naturally also adds several fixes, quality of life improvements, and optional appearance customizations to the standard Tiger experience, such as:

o All released updates for Mac OS X 10.4, organized and ready for you to pick and choose, or install all at once

o The inclusion of unlockupd, resulting in improved system stability and better long-term reliability*2

o The community-revised Weather.wdgt, modified to use HERE weather data APIs instead of Yahoo!*3

o Unicode 13.1 emoji character support*4

o Tiger-centric utility scripts for the pinnacle in both granular customization and user accessibility

o A slick new way to manage workloads and get things done*5

o The Shuriken App Store; your personal launchpad for the best-in-class apps and websites

o One-click Platinum*6, Pinstripe, and Sierra*7 system themes, designed to mimic the Mac OS X Server, Mac OS X Jaguar, and macOS Sierra system appearances respectively

Lastly, Shuriken has been architected from the ground up to address the most common inconveniences of Sorbet Leopard, featuring improvements such as:

o An entirely self-contained package a fraction of the size of the Sorbet Leopard disk image, resulting in faster setup times for users with limited Internet speeds

o Full compatibility with pre-existing installations of any version of Mac OS X Tiger; meaning disk images and extra partitions are no longer required

o Full compatibility with all Tiger-supported Intel-based Macs, alongside all New World PowerPC computers

o All modifications are now both fully modular and 100% reversible, giving you the power to upgrade regular Tiger to Shuriken Tiger ... and then back to the original configuration, all without a trace

In summary, Shuriken further bolsters the arsenal of your Mac. It works in harmony with Sorbet Leopard to decrease render times, increase frames per second, and multiply your Mac's unique strengths in a world of intrusive notifications, overcomplicated user interfaces, and indefinitely rented software. Like the graceful balance between Yin and Yang, while Sorbet handles online tasks, newer packages, and modern network infrastructures, Shuriken simultaneously brings out its best in offline productivity, play, and everything in-between.

Welcome back to your beloved Mac — Armed. Sharpened. Shuriken'd. Prepped and primed to kick SaaS ass.

*1 To the non-enthusiast user. *2 Courtesy of John Bafford. *3 Courtesy of Jonathan Alland. *4 Courtesy of Brad Erickson. Full benefits available only to InterWebPPC / TenFourFox Intel. *5 Courtesy of Freeverse Software, Inc. *6 Courtesy of Gaël Elegoët. *7 Courtesy of swamprock and co.

Installation Guide

Zero. Shuriken may only be used from a live installation of Mac OS X 10.4. Its modifications cannot be applied to any other volume besides the current running system. Be sure to read the bundled Information document before using this tool.

One. Open the Updates directory, and apply (double-click) each system update as needed in chronological order. In order to reap the full benefits of Shuriken, the QoL Improvements script (within the Finishing Touches subdirectory) must be run as well.

Two. Open the Optimizations directory once the system is fully up to date. All scripts that are already marked (Active) denote the default configuration as originally shipped with the system. To apply the greatest increase in overall system performance, you must run the scripts that do not already possess an (Active) suffix.
Ex. Disable Beam Sync, Disable Spotlight, Enable Network Optimizations, Enable Ad Blocking, etc.

Three. After the system has been thoroughly optimized, you may then peruse the Tools directory, where you are given free range to theme the user interface, apply hidden preferences, and run useful utilities to quickly accomplish various tasks.

Lastly, don't forget to browse the comprehensive software catalog as featured in the Shuriken App Store.

Shuriken Tips

Before You Begin ...

Navigate to System Preferences → Date & Time and leave Set date & time automatically disabled in order to keep active background services to a minimum, both conserving hardware resources and tightening system security.

Use Platinum Theme

3. Tools → Appearance → Platinum → Use Platinum Icon Theme

Use Pinstripe Theme

3. Tools → Appearance → Pinstripes → Use Pinstripes System Theme

Use Sierra Theme (PPC Only)

3. Tools → Appearance → Sierra → Install → Icon Theme > CandyBar

(In CandyBar: File > Open iContainer... > Applications + System iContainers)

Even Faster Graphical Performance

3. Tools → Quartz Compositor → Toggle Window Shadows

Even Faster Window Minimization

System Preferences → Dock → Minimize using: Scale Effect

Even Faster Application Launch Times

System Preferences → Dock → Uncheck: Animate opening applications

Even Faster Internet Response Times

System Preferences → Network → Advanced... → TCP/IP → Configure IPv6: Off

System Preferences → Network → Advanced... → DNS → DNS Servers:,

Deeper Colors (Mac OS X 10.6 Default)

System Preferences → Displays → Color → Calibrate → 2.2 Television Gamma

Even Faster App Navigation

Finder → Command + Shift + A → name of application → Command + O

Finder → Command + Shift + U → name of utility → Command + O

Preview Images Without Opening Them

Finder → Command + J → This window only → Icon size: 128x128

Control + Mouse Wheel Up (if Universal Access Background Monitor is enabled)

Increase Usable Memory

3. Tools → Memory → Release Inactive Memory

Play YouTube Videos on PowerPC G3 Macs

Shuriken App Store → Portal → YouTube → example search → example video → Audio mode
(Headphones icon) → Download as: 144p - video/3gpp → Open With QuickTime Player

Download Shuriken for Mac

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OSX Universal Binary

System Requirements

From Mac OS 10.4 up to Mac OS 10.4

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: QEMU

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