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Appearance Manager themes & add-ons (Mac OS 8/9)

Appearance Manager themes & add-ons (Mac OS 8/9) (2000)

First download is a collection of 40 Apperance themes for Mac OS 8.5 (WARNING: some themes are incompatible with Mac OS 8.5-8.6 and will cause major issues, including constant crashing) or later.  Here is the list: 2999 A.D....


IrieMac (2000)

Theme Information IrieMac v1.1 MacOS Appearance Theme. If you have v1.0.1 or v1.0.2 you should update to v1.1. This Theme was design to represent my web site IrieMac. that why I name the Theme IrieMac. This program is...

Kaboom! 3.0

Kaboom! 3.0 (1994)

Wild and wacky sounds for your personal computer. Kaboom! adds sounds to various actions on your Macintosh, such as emptying the trash, ejecting a disk, or chiming at the top and bottom of the hour.  Kaboom! Factory allows you to create and...

ShapeShifter (OSX theming)

ShapeShifter (OSX theming) (2003)

ShapeShifter lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac OS X computer using themes, very much like Kaleidoscope did with earlier classic Mac OS versions.  It can change the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons, cursors and...


Surged! (2001)

About Surged! Surged! is Freeware by Adam Betts & Michael Rabe Made for Mac OS 8.5 and higher that changes the appearance of Your Mac.    How To Install the Surged! • Drag and Drop “Surged!” on to the...

Theme Changer (OSX theming)

Theme Changer (OSX theming) (2002)

ThemeChanger switches your theme in Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3 or 10.4 and it supports the .theme and .dlta formats. For other themes such as in the guikit format, see: ShapeShifter  

Vortex (theme)

Vortex (theme) (2001)

The Vortex theme changes the appearance of your Mac (Mac OS 8.5 up to 9.2.2) and is freeware by Michael Rabe. How To Install the Vortex theme: • Drag and Drop “Vortex” on to the CLOSED Systems Folder. it will say "This...

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