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What is IrieMac?

Theme Information

IrieMac v1.1 MacOS Appearance Theme. If you have v1.0.1 or v1.0.2 you should update to v1.1. This Theme was design to represent my web site IrieMac. that why I name the Theme IrieMac. This program is available at no cost, how every It would be appreciated if you visit my web site and visit my sponsor. IrieMac Theme is for personal use and not for Commercial use. Anyone requiring the use of this software for Commercial use or on promotional CD must first get written permission from IrieMac.


Special Thanks I would like to thanks some very special people for there help in making this update possible. 

"Eric Lob (Ericlob)" 

"Mathew White (Mafoo)"

Beta Testing 

"Stan Kleppinger" 

"Chad R. Cook"


Helpful Tip 

To make your Themes more stable and less crashes, double the default memory on your Appearance Application in your Control Panel.


Hardware Requirements

 PowerMac G3/G4 Software 8.5 and higher.


Installation Instructions 

1. Drag the IrieMac Theme file onto the System Folder icon. 

2. A dialog box will appear saying that the file will be placed in the Appearance folder, Themes. Press OK. 

3. Invoke the Appearance Control Panel by clicking on the Apple Menu icon, scrolling to Control Panels and selecting Appearance. 

4. The Appearance Control Panel features 6 Tabs. Select THEMES. 

5. Select IrieMac Theme. The system will redraw the windows to show the IrieMac Theme as active. 

6. You can also make changes to the Fonts, Desktop pictures, Sound and Scroll. 

7. Once you have created an interface theme that you like, view the Theme in the Custom Themes window and select SAVE THEME. (then you can name it IrieMac Theme.) 

8. Close the Appearance Control Panel and enjoy it.


Technical Support 

Any feedback, questions can be e-mailed to me 

Paul Gager-Houston



This Theme may cause your System to crash, Please use it at your own RISK. IrieMac and Paul Gager-Houston is not responsible for any damage done to your Computer, Applications or by tampering with the product.

Download IrieMac for Mac

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IrieMac v1.1 / Appearance theme / compressed w/ Stuffit
88 / 2016-11-09 / ccfab497a23cfab1d2d2f58723fe2d34f9f287de / /

Compatibility notes

Mac OS 8.5 - Mac OS 9.2.2

This is an Appearance theme. To install it, drag and drop it on the System Folder and open the Apperance control panel.


Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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