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BeBox Icons

BeBox Icons (1996)

BeBox Icons is a collection of 112 BeBox icons in a ResEdit resource format.   Note: The author is unknown and the file creation dates were corrupted at some point, leaving me to only guesstimate it was made around 1996.  

Classic Monster Icons Vol. 1

Classic Monster Icons Vol. 1 (1999)

Classic Monster Icons Vol. 1 is a collection of computer desktop icons depicting classic monster characters. Each icon was hand drawn and took anywhere from 20 minutes to hours to finish.  These icons are stored in "custom icon"...

Movy'cons icons

Movy'cons icons (1994)

Movy'cons is a small collection of folder icons, all themed with a movie picture.  It was made by an unknown author in 1994.  

The Far Side Icons

The Far Side Icons (1993)

The Far Side Collection, as the name implies, is a collection of icons based on characters from The Far Side Cartoons by Gary Larson. More Far Side Icons author is unknown and it depicts more icons than the previously mentioned set.  Both...

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