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How to boot PPC PowerMacs from a CD/DVD : G3, G4, iMac, iBook, eMac, etc...?

So you've acquired or burned a Mac OS install CD or you made yourself a custom boot disk and would like to boot from it but when you insert it in your Mac and power it on, it always boots from the hard drive? Then here's how to access the PPC boot selection screen...   You can boot any PowerMac from a removable media by turning it on and immediately holding down the OPTION (ALT) key until a boot selection screen shows up...

How to factory reset an old PowerPC Mac if I lost the restore CD's?

You're the proud owner of a retro PPC Mac model and you'd like to initialize/reset it to factory defaults but you lost the original install/restore disks? MR to the rescue! Follow this universal method that fits any PowerPC Mac model.   1) Identify what PowerPC Mac model you got. 1a) If it still can boot into classic Mac OS (8 or 9) then navigate to the Mac's hard drive, then "Applications" folder, then launch...

PowerMacs key combinations

.contentblock TD{ border:1px solid #CCC; padding:3px; font-size:13px; } .contentblock TH { white-space: nowrap; color: #999; } Listed below is a table of all the keyboard key combinations you can use on almost all PowerMacs (G3, G4, iMacs, iBooks, eMacs, etc...) originally listed at:   You can also download the PDF file.     Table of contents On Boot After...

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