What is the difference between "Software Restore" and "Software Install" ?

(Added on 2024-04-12 11:49:30)

Sometimes, you will see CD or DVD bundles for old Macs that come with both a "Software Restore" and a "Software Install" disk.  What's the difference? The software RESTORE disk will wipe the whole hard drive and reinstall everything (OS, utility apps, game demos, documentation, etc) to the factory condition.  This will leave it completely free of any previous DATA. The software INSTALL disk will let you...

25 Years of Chiptune

(Added on 2023-02-18 19:34:40)

25 Years of Chiptune is a list of the best chiptunes (sometimes very loosely related to chiptunes) that I've gathered over the last few years.  Feel free to recommend some missing and/or better than what's here for some of the years! ***** 1984 Daley Thompson's Decathlon (2) - David Dunn / Martin Galway - (1984) - C64 chiptune - YouTube ***** 1985 One Man & His Droid - Rob Hubbard - (1985) - C64 chiptune -...

How to convert floppy disk images from A2 DiskCopy 838484 bytes to regular 819200 bytes

(Modified on 2023-02-05 09:39:03)

800KB floppy drives were only manufactured by Apple until the late 90's and cannot be emulated or faked at all because they slowed down the floppy drive motor physically to cram in more bytes in each track (compared to the regular lesser 720KB PC floppy disk drive at the time).  1980's to late 1990's Macs equipped with an Apple floppy disk drive that still works are getting quite rare. Some users want to back up 800KB...

1980's Mac w/ 16MB of RAM randomly crashes, even though it's been recapped?

(Added on 2023-01-19 16:03:12)

If you've got a 1980's Macintosh (such as the Macintosh II) with more than 8MB of RAM, make sure to install Mode32 as it came with a 24-bit addressing ROM, which can only reach up to 8,388,608 bytes (8MB) and nothing higher than that.  All Macs starting from 1993 came with a 32-bit clean ROM which pushed the RAM addressing limit so high (4GB) that most Mac models could not even physically reach it until the very last PowerPC Mac...

Chat v3 features/improvements/ideas/suggestions :)

(Added on 2023-01-17 20:29:39)

Alright, so next week we're going to start coding chat v3.  We've been on chat v2 for about 1 year, so it's time for improving it.  Here are the initial ideas, some based on previous feedback, some that I already hated day one in v2 :P   Dark mode, color/themes We need dark mode enabled browsers (mostly anything made after like 2015-ish) to be able to automatically show a dark mode theme in the chat. ...

What is a .mar file and how to use it?

(Added on 2023-01-13 12:56:59)

What is a .mar file? A .mar file is a cross between an UNIX and a MacBinary archive.  Although a small group of individuals use it, there is no real point in using this format on Mac, except to make your archives as unlikely to be expanded by n00bs as possible.  You see, even though I'm sure that some genius, somewhere, will tell you that it's widely supported, it's hard to argue against the fact that even The Unarchiver...

How to export Mac files OUT of QEMU?

(Added on 2022-12-08 08:48:57)

Alright, so you already know how to IMPORT files INTO QEMU, but you'd like to know how the heck to export files OUT of it? Well, it's true that it's kind of awkward to set up at first, but once you got it working, it's a permanent solution and it's hassle free.   STEP 1: CREATE A 2ND HDD DISK IMAGE What you want to do is to first create a second HARD DRIVE disk image (not a CD-ROM or DVD disk image!) If you...

How to burn a CD/DVD disk image (e.g. ISO, CDR, DMG, TOAST) using just the Finder in OSX/macOS

(Added on 2022-11-21 08:59:36)

Starting from Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, one can extremely easily burn a CD or DVD image to an optical media using just the Finder, no software required at all. 0) If your file ends with .toast, rename the end of it from .toast to .iso 1) Click once on the file to select it. 2) Pull the FILE menu in the menu bar and choose near the bottom: "BURN DISK IMAGE TO DISK". 3) Step 3? There is no step 3! That's it, hope you...

How to share an USB stick between a PowerPC (G3, G4, G5) Mac and Windows?

(Added on 2022-10-20 18:38:31)

Got yourself an old PowerPC Mac with USB ports and would like to download files from MR on a Windows PC then copy those files to an USB stick and onto the old PowerPC Mac but the USB stick doesn't want to read in both the Mac and Windows? It works in Windows but when you insert it in th the old Mac, it asks you to initialize/format it? The secret is to insert the USB stick in the Mac first, then initialize it as "DOS"...

How to boot and install Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on an unsupported G4 (pre-867mhz CPU)

(Added on 2022-10-05 13:07:12)

If you NEED to install OSX 10.5 on an unsupported G4 for some reason, know that there are a couple ways you can force the Leopard installer to boot on unsupported hardware.  Here is the Open Firmware way, allowing you to use a completely unmodified (and even a genuine) OSX 10.5 retail install DVD (this can also be done using an USB stick).  Before we begin, be warned that the reason Apple blocked pre-867mhz G4's to boot OSX 10.5 is...

Send files to an old Macintosh with modems

(Modified on 2021-11-29 09:09:43)

Sending files with serial modems   Introduction This is akind in principle to doing it with just a serial cable except that you need more stuff and different software to accomplish the same goal. So if you want something simpler to accomplish file transfer and that is more reliable, I'd recommand you do it with just a regular serial cable. This is specifically for people that want to recreate modem communications. This...

Corrupted .zip archive? Unexpected end of file?

(Added on 2021-11-18 08:46:24)

Getting an "Unexpected end of file" or "There was a problem while reading the contents" error when trying to expand a .zip archive under Windows, Linux or even with an utility like The Unarchiver under Mac OS X? I was stumped to discover recently that, sometimes, Apple's Archive Utility app that is bundled with OSX is the only ZIP utility that can successfully expand those .zip files by ignoring invalid ZIP...

How to make an USB stick from a Mac OS X bootable/install DVD in OSX

(Added on 2021-11-17 06:30:29)

Here's how to make a bootable USB stick from a Mac OS X install DVD in OSX. You can also use this method to clone a small hard drive or any volume you want, given that it fits on the size of your USB drive.  If the source volume that you want to clone already contains a System Folder that's appropriate for your Mac, then the resulting USB stick shall be used to boot your Mac by inserting it in an USB port and rebooting while...

How to boot a Mac OS X installer without a DVD drive or an USB stick?

(Added on 2021-11-08 09:04:49)

So you got a Mac OS X installer disk image (.iso, .toast, .cdr, .dmg) and would like to boot your PowerPC (G3, G4, G5) from it in order to install OSX, but unfortunately, the DVD drive on your old Mac is broken, missing or you're simply out of DVD discs? You instead went ahead and proceeded to boot your PowerPC Mac from an USB stick but it failed because the old Mac's USB ports are broken or the Open Firmware command fails for some...

HFS max partition sizes

(Added on 2021-08-09 09:15:20)

In 1985, only a year after the first Macintosh came out, HFS (later referred to as "Mac OS Standard") was introduced and replaced MFS.  HFS required Macintosh System Software 2.1 and was welcome to support the HD20, Apple's first 20 megabytes hard drive that had just came out for the Mac 512K.  Can you imagine storing 50 floppy disks (400KB each back then) into a single device? Back in the day, this was huge! Now, we...

What is a .toast file (disk image) and how to use it?

(Added on 2021-07-22 08:07:22)

What is a .toast file? A .toast file is a disk image of a media (CD, DVD, USB stick, hard drive, etc...) created by an application named Toast.  Note that a .toast disk image is almost exactly the same as an ISO disk image and in essence, one could absolutely rename any .toast file to .iso and use/mount it as such.  Therefore, please see this page instead: What is a .iso file (disk image) and how to use it?

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