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Data Recovery Toolkit 2.0.3

Data Recovery Toolkit 2.0.3 (1996)

Data Recovery Tookit 2.0 is a set of tools for the 90's Macintoshes.  It lets you scan and repair volumes, unerase files, protect your drives with system extensions that keep a shadow copy of system files and protects against accidental...

Days To Go 2.0.1

Days To Go 2.0.1 (1995)

Days To Go is a simple reminder program that can be used for a variety of purposes. As the name suggests, it can be used to count how many days it is until a specific date. In addition, Days To Go can be used count how many days it has been since a...


DECnet (1991)

Includes NCP, NetCopy, Mail for Macintosh, DECnet Control, DECnet/Mac, DECnet Tool, CTERM Tool, AppleTalk-DECnet Tool


DEdit (1994)

DEdit is a DATA fork editor.  

Dejal Desktop Utilities

Dejal Desktop Utilities (2001)

A collection of eight control panels, extensions, and FKEYs. AltClipboard FKEY: allows you to copy two things at once, by swapping between the active Clipboard and an Alternative Clipboard. ClipSize? FKEY: displays a small window listing the...

Dejal File Utilities

Dejal File Utilities (2001)

A collection of four file-manipulation utilities: Deleter to delete any file (including invisible ones), Create Suitcase and New Suitcase to create Mac OS suitcase files, and Resource Leech to extract...

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