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What is Dejal Desktop Utilities?

A collection of eight control panels, extensions, and FKEYs.

  • AltClipboard FKEY: allows you to copy two things at once, by swapping between the active Clipboard and an Alternative Clipboard.
  • ClipSize? FKEY: displays a small window listing the contents of the clipboard (and the Alternative Clipboard if you use our AltClipboard FKEY), including the size of each item and the total (if more than one item).
  • Hide Menubar FKEY: hides the menubar (like HyperCard does) in any application or the Finder, or if the Caps Lock key is down it shows the backdrop over the whole screen.
  • AltOrMainFolders extensions: allows you to swap desktops, Apple menu items, preferences, and other folders over depending on which key you press at startup. Great for sharing a Mac between two people and have different setups, without resorting to different startup disks.
  • Pixel Colour FKEY: waits for you to click somewhere on the screen, then reports the red, green and blue colour values for the pixel you clicked on.
  • Privacy FKEY: quickly hides the contents of the screen from prying eyes.
  • DrawDesktop extension: useful for users of MaxAppleZoom who run lots of extensions, so they can stare at an interesting desktop pattern or desktop picture instead of boring dithered grey.
  • Volume control panel: adjust the speaker volume easily.

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Download Dejal Desktop Utilities for Mac

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 6.0 up to Mac OS 9.0

Compatibility notes

Mac OS 6.0.x or greater. Compatible with Classic environment of Mac OS X.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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