DAVE 6.2.1

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What is DAVE 6.2.1?

DAVE 6.2 for Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x Read Me

Welcome to DAVE for Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x. DAVE is a Macintosh software solution for sharing files and PostScript printers with Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft NT, Microsoft Windows Me, Microsoft Windows XP and the Microsoft Windows Server 2003.  Mac OS version 8.6 or 9.x is required for this version of DAVE 6.

System Requirements
Microsoft Network Requirements
Before Installing DAVE 6
Installing DAVE on Non-English Systems
New Features Added to DAVE 6
New Features Added to DAVE 5
Name Mangling with DAVE and the Macintosh Finder
Problems Fixed in DAVE 5.1p1
Problems Fixed in DAVE 5.1
Problems Fixed In DAVE 5.0.1
Problems Fixed In DAVE 5
DAVE 6 Known Limitations
DAVE Online Information

System Requirements
DAVE requires the following hardware and software:
• Macintosh Computer running with OS 8.6 or 9.x operating systems
• A minimum of 32 megabytes of RAM
• Apple's Open Transport TCP/IP 2.0.3 or later
• DAVE Desktop Printing requires Apple's LaserWriter 8 v8.6.5 or later

Microsoft Network Requirements
DAVE 6 requires at least one of the following systems in your network:
• Windows XP or 2000 with latest service packs
• Windows Server 2003 
• Windows NT Workstation or Server version 4 with latest service packs
• Windows 95 or Windows 98
• Windows Me

Before Installing DAVE 6
• Verify your system volume with a verification tool such as Disk First Aid before installing.  If your disk has problems, installing can prevent your Macintosh from operating properly, and you may lose files.
• Read the section "DAVE Known Limitations" to verify that DAVE will work on your computer. 
• Before installing, make backup copies of the software and documents on your hard disk (especially your System Folder).
• You can install DAVE 6 with extensions turned off, but this is not required.  You must boot with extensions on to set up and use DAVE.  The Network Setup Extension must also be enabled in your Extensions folder.
• DAVE requires a key in order for it to operate. Please have your key with you before you begin installation. Either a DAVE 5 key or a DAVE 6 key will work.
• DAVE 6 keeps track of shared folders and printers differently than previous versions.  If you are upgrading from a previous version of DAVE, you may need to reconfigure shared items using the DAVE application after installing.

Installing DAVE on Non-English Systems
• We recommend that you install DAVE on the current system disk.  If you must install DAVE on a different disk, make sure that disk has the same language system as the currently booted system.

New Features Added to DAVE 6
• Accepts either a DAVE 5 or DAVE 6 license key
• Upgrades to DAVE 6 from either DAVE 5 or DAVE 4

New Features Added to DAVE 5
• Signing support
• Support for NTLMv2: most secure level of LanMan authentication
• Works with Windows Server 2003

Name Mangling with DAVE and the Macintosh Finder
DAVE 6 supports long Unicode filenames up to 255 characters in length.  Older Macintosh applications only work with file names up to 31 bytes in length.  To support these older applications, DAVE and the Macintosh Finder use a technique known as "Name Mangling".  DAVE automatically generates short names 31 bytes long from the longer Unicode file names.  These names will appear with a '#' character in them, e.g.: MyVeryLongFileNameIsLongerThan31Bytes.txt will appear as MyVeryLongFileNameIsLong#61.txt.  The Macintosh Finder uses a similar technique to mangle long names stored on HFS Extended volumes.  These files will appear with a # followed by a hex number at the end.  When you see a file like this displayed by the Finder, it usually means that the file has a Unicode name too long to be displayed using 31 bytes.  You can use the DAVE utility "Local Computer" browse feature to display long filenames on your local disks.

DAVE 6 Known Limitations
• When accessing your Macintosh from a PC, and you use "user-level" security, your credentials may not be accepted unless you enter your domain and username in the username field.  Use a backslash between your domain and username: "mydomainmyusername".
• When using the DAVE application to copy files to a PC using the BinHex format, DAVE will only copy the first file in a folder.  You may need to copy files individually when using the BinHex format.
• DAVE Sharing does not support mandatory PC byte range locking on Mac OS Extended volumes.  Mandatory byte range locking is supported on Mac OS Standard volumes.  Users may need to create an HFS volume using Disk Copy and share files from that volume if mandatory byte range locking is required.  DAVE Sharing does support advisory locking on Mac OS Extended volumes.  In addition, file sharing must be turned on in Apple's File Sharing control panel for locking to work with DAVE Sharing.
• On a dual-boot PC, when the same folder is shared under Windows NT and Windows 95 (or 98), some files on the PC may not be accessible to the DAVE client under one OS that it created under the other OS.

DAVE Online Information
For the latest technical information about DAVE, please visit the Thursby Software Systems web site at: http://www.thursby.com

Download DAVE 6.2.1 for Mac

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