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Blank floppy disk images (800KB + 1.4MB)

Blank floppy disk images (800KB + 1.4MB) (1984)

These are blank floppy disk images that you can mount using DiskCopy that is provided with Mac OS, but they are different than the ones you can create with it because they are binary safe and can be transfered anywhere (PC, internet, USB disk,...

Blank hard drive disk images (100MB HFS up to 30GB HFS+)

Blank hard drive disk images (100MB HFS up to 30GB HFS+) (2000)

All these download files consist of extremely compressed empty disk images for emulators (such as SheepShaver or Basilisk II) that are to be used as hard drive to store files and/or the operating system.  Once inflated, they will instantly take...

Blanks (hard drive files) for Mini vMac

Blanks (hard drive files) for Mini vMac (2009)

For use for Mini vMac. Any emulator will support these hard disks as they have cross-compatibly and not advanced hard disks that only works with Mini vMac. Does work very well on Mini vMac though. I tried using a storage disk extracted with Blanks...

Mac Plus floppy with games

Mac Plus floppy with games (1986)

Bootable 800KB floppy disk image for Mac Plus and up (or Mini vMac). Contains System 6.0.5, Finder 6.1.5 Games: Frenzy, Kid Pix 1.0, Lode Runner 1.0, Mac Pong II, MacBugs, MemMgr, Mine Sweeper, Missle Command 3.0 Apps: MacWrite 1.6, Icon...

MacBinary for Windows

MacBinary for Windows (1999)

Little utilty to create MacBinary files / strip the MacBinary header. Version 2.0 (C) 1996-1999 Logiciels & Services DUHEM, Paris.

SheepShaver package by

SheepShaver package by (2018)

Extract and open hypercard.sheepvm. This should boot Mac OS 9. On the Mac OS 9 desktop there should be a disk called "Unix". This is a virtual disk which actually lets you access files on your computer (eg. outside the emulator)....

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