Blank floppy disk images (800KB + 1.4MB)

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  • Blank .dsk floppy disk images 

What is Blank floppy disk images (800KB + 1.4MB)?

These are blank floppy disk images that you can mount using DiskCopy that is provided with Mac OS, but they are different than the ones you can create with it because they are binary safe and can be transfered anywhere (PC, internet, USB disk, etc...) without corrupting, as opposed to the .img disk images created by DiskCopy which are NOT binary safe and should never be transfered to a PC or on the internet without compressing them with Stuffit beforehand.

With these binary safe .dsk images, there is no need to use Stuffit prior to transfering them to a PC or on the internet and they're still compatible with DiskCopy, rendering the file sharing process between an old Mac (emulator or real Mac) to a Windows or Linux PC so much easier.


Download Blank floppy disk images (800KB + 1.4MB)

(800 KiB / 819.2 KB)
800KB (DD) blank floppy disk image (DSK format) / DSK image
1037 / 2016-09-24 / 497817eaea3d55183123a61f1e80728fdb9ef1ae / /
(1.41 MiB / 1.47 MB)
1.4MB blank floppy disk image (DSK format) / DSK image
2155 / 2016-09-24 / 2016-12-31 / 97eee5622bc07f8298a206ed0271c647973f5628 / /

Compatibility notes

Compatible with DiskCopy that is shipped with Mac OS 7.x to Mac OS 10.2 (DiskCopy can also be used in System 6.x).


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