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Fate (2008)
(Modified on 2022-09-15 22:58:19)

This is the PowerPC version of the WildTangent game FATE. FATE is a modern take on the original roguelike concept, with customizeable characters and fully randomly generated levels, quests, monsters, and items. There is immense replayability and a...

Spelunky 1.3

Spelunky 1.3 (2012)
(Modified on 2021-08-19 20:29:45)

Spelunky is a non-linear platformer, where your goal is to penetrate deeper into the caves using ropes and bombs, gather treasure, and avoid traps and enemies. With fairly simple controls, a fully destructible environment, well-done...


NetHack (1987)
(Modified on 2023-01-17 15:20:32)

NetHack is a single-player roguelike video game originally released in 1987 with ASCII graphics. It is a descendant of an earlier game called Hack (1985), which is a descendant of Rogue (1980). The player takes the part of a dungeon-delving...

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