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How to boot PPC PowerMacs (G3, G4, G5) from a USB stick or drive?

To boot a PowerMac (or an iMac, iBook, eMac, etc...) from an USB stick or drive, if you have a G5 or late G4 model, first refer to the boot from CD guide and if it does not work, then follow these instructions: 1. Plug your USB stick or drive in an USB port 2. Power the computer on (or restart it if it's already running) and immediately... 3. ...hold down those 4 keys together: [ CMD + OPT/ALT + O + F ] until you see the white Open...

How to install Mac OS X Leopard on your PowerPC (PPC) Mac with a USB flash drive

If you need instructions on how to make a USB flash drive for this tutorial, one for creating it on Windows can be found here. Creating the USB drive on a Mac running OS X is as simple as restoring an image with Disk Utility. The Leopard disc image used in this tutorial can be found here. Note: This tutorial assumes you have already created a bootable USB drive containing Leopard. 1. Shut down your PowerPC Mac. 2. Plug in your Leopard...

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