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Apple Developer CDs 1992

Apple Developer CDs 1992 (1992)

January 1992 : The Winter of our Disc Content February 1992 : 20,000 Leagues Under the CD March 1992 : The Hound of the Bitmapsville April 1992 : Hex, Drives, and Videotape May 1992 : The Byte Stuff June 1992 : ROMin Holiday July 1992 : Butch...

Mac Game Programming

Mac Game Programming (2002)

Are you an avid Mac fan, itching to try your hand at game development on your Mac? If you have a working knowledge of programming, this book is the guide you've been searching for. Covering the components that make up a game and teaching you to...

WWDC 1993 New Technologies

WWDC 1993 New Technologies (1993)

This image contains two disc images as noted in the screenshots. Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 1993 New Technologies CD This CD-ROM contains a number of beta development releases of new Apple technologies. This untested, prerelease...

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