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Apple's e.g.

Apple's e.g. (1996)

What is e.g. ? e.g. is a full text retrieval common gateway interface (CGI) that allows you to index your Web site and make it searchable to browsers surfing your site.  It is a technology demonstration showing some of the features of a...

Apple's Generic Object Economy

Apple's Generic Object Economy (1997)

So You're Thinking About Running an Object Economy? We are making available at no cost a technology component starter kit called the Generic Object Economy (GOE) technology release. For those who download the GOE technology release, it should...

Apple's HotSauce Technology ("Project X")

Apple's HotSauce Technology ("Project X") (1996)

HotSauce, initially named Project X, was a short lived experiment at Apple that totally failed.  The goal of HotSauce was to deploy a new kind of 3D visualization plugin to browse the internet and files on your hard drives. Apple released a...

Apple's SharedInfoServer

Apple's SharedInfoServer (1997)

SharedInfoServer (early push technology from Apple) This package contains a technology release of SharedInfoServer. The Shared Info Server (SIS) is a service that provides a simple object database model designed to contain dynamic, ephemeral...

AppleShare Pro 1.1

AppleShare Pro 1.1 (1994)

AppleShare Pro 1.1 is an AppleShare administration suite, consisting of a file server extension, a file server application and an administration (management) application. AppleShare Pro runs on a very specific environment, see the compatibility...

AppleShare v4.0.2 (CD)

AppleShare v4.0.2 (CD) (1993)

Network Software Installer Version ZM-1.4 Read Me You can use this Network Software Installer to install the following networking products:    • AppleTalk version 58.1    • Update to Network Control Panel...

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