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AppleShare Pro 1.1

AppleShare Pro 1.1 (1994)

AppleShare Pro 1.1 is an AppleShare administration suite, consisting of a file server extension, a file server application and an administration (management) application. AppleShare Pro runs on a very specific environment, see the compatibility...

AppleShare v4.0.2 (CD)

AppleShare v4.0.2 (CD) (1993)

Network Software Installer Version ZM-1.4 Read Me You can use this Network Software Installer to install the following networking products:    • AppleTalk version 58.1    • Update to Network Control Panel...

AppleWorks 5.0.x

AppleWorks 5.0.x (1998)

AppleWorks 5 is an all-in-one Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Graphics Editor, and Presentations tool forked from ClarisWorks in 1998 by Apple.

Asanté Ethernet Installer 5.1.2

Asanté Ethernet Installer 5.1.2 (1993)

Asanté Ethernet Installer is the installer program for certain Asante network adapters such as the Asante EN/SC Ethernet to SCSI adapter.


Assimilator (1997)

Assimilator is designed for situations where you wish to make a large number of Macintoshes look virtually identical. Typically this is in an educational laboratory situation - this document is aimed at laboratory administrators - but Assimilator...


AutoShare (1995)

AutoShare is a MailShare utility that lets you create an auto-answering service. You may use it as a vacation service as well. AutoShare has also been extended to function as a listserver. Furthermore, an (outgoing)UUCP-MailShare gateway is...

Baton Mail

Baton Mail (2004)

Baton Mail allows you to add mail authentication to older email client software. To prevent spam, most ISPs have added the need to authenticate before being able to send email through their servers. Older email clients (like Claris Emailer...

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