Found 7 software entries in System beginning with: "B" from category: Utilities

Broadband Optimizer

Broadband Optimizer (2002)
(Modified on 2017-12-10 12:18:01)

Broadband Optimizer v1.0 Like most operating systems, MacOS X doesn't come out of the box to take full advantage of a high-speed, broadband internet connection. Luckily, because of its Unix base, there's an easy fix for that. By making...

BootClock 1.0

BootClock 1.0 (1998)
(Added on 2020-02-08 12:13:04)

BootClock is the simplest reboot utility available. It doesn’t interfere with Web servers; it doesn’t require scripting; and it takes next to no CPU cycles. What more could you ask for? BootClock supports unlimited reboot schedules and...

Big Cheese Key

Big Cheese Key (1992)
(Modified on 2021-11-12 10:33:36)

If life were perfect, people would be able to work nonstop all day, typing away at their computers happily without a break.  Unfortunately, that just isn't the way things work; people in fact tend to work better if they take breaks every...

Black Box (System Utility)

Black Box (System Utility) (1989)
(Modified on 2023-12-24 15:06:31)

Black Box is an INIT that you place in your System Folder which adds several system enhancements. An enhanced analog or digital clock, task strip, a stars screen saver, screen capture and printing any portion of the screen, Finder effects and...

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