Snapz Pro 1.1.1 & 2.0.1

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What is Snapz Pro 1.1.1 & 2.0.1?

Have you ever wondered how editors and graphic designers capture hard-to-get screenshots? Of course, you can use the Mac OS’s built-in screen capture, but its functionality is limited to desktop screens and a basic Selection tool. Most Mac users have traditionally relied on third-party screen-capture utilities to achieve the picture-perfect screenshot. One of the most widely used and probably the best known of the screen-grabbing tools is Snapz Pro, now in version 2.01, a significant upgrade from version 1.

What’s different and special about Snapz Pro 2.01 is its expanded capture capabilities. For example, Snapz Pro now enables you to save in TIFF, PNG, and QuickTime (MOV) formats, which you select from the pop-up Snapz palette. In addition, Snapz Pro now features a draggable Selection tool. With the old Snapz, you had to size up your shot carefully with the Selection tool, and once you framed the picture, you couldn’t adjust any boundaries — aligning them was often a case of trial and error. In version 2.01, you can not only resize a selection but also drag it to any spot on the screen, which makes it easy to set up that perfect snap — a highly useful feature. And if you make instructional videos or just want to show something off, you can save what you display on your desktop as a QuickTime movie. This is a big feature worth more than the price of the utility; there’s currently no other application available that can do the job.

A few of Snapz Pro 2.01's other tricked-out gizmos include the ability to capture multiple desktop screenshots for as many monitors as your particular Mac supports; and the ability to do consecutive captures, which is fantastic for grabbing those amazing action tricks in games. The program also lets you shrink-wrap images inside a selected area, which is a relief for those of us who can’t frame a shot with pixel precision; and in this version you can capture a window’s content without including frames.

Other screen-capture utilities such as ExposurePro, which costs $119.95, and Screenshot, a $49.95 light version of ExposurePro, don’t offer the flexibility and features of Snapz Pro. ExposurePro does offer basic drawing and image-editing tools, but they are largely redundant in light of apps like GraphicConverter, PhotoDeluxe, and Photoshop. To put it simply, Snapz Pro 2.01’s price is right and it’s a snap to use.

Ho, Jennifer. (November 1999). Snapz Pro 2.01. MacAddict. (pg. 71).

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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.1

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