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Math Sequences

Math Sequences (1996)
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Math Sequences was originally a series of games for the TI-99. It was eventually ported to Mac, Apple II, MS-DOS, and Windows. Math Sequences was sold directly to schools, so it may be harder to come across than other games. Answer math problems...

MGMS: Professional CAD for Macintosh

MGMS: Professional CAD for Macintosh (1987)
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From MacUser magazine, issue of June 1987 (Note: OCR may have introduced spelling errors) MGMS: Professional CAD for Macintosh MGMS (Micro Graphics Manufacturing Station) Professional CAD for Macintosh is a computer assisted drafting...

Orbital Command

Orbital Command (1988)
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Orbital Command has been adapted to the Macintosh from a PC based game written by Tony Doimeadios in 1985.  Proceeds from this game are being shared with Tony, as soon as I can find him!   The object of the game is for you (the...


Psi (2009)
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ShuttlePilot (1993)
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ShuttlePilot ============ Keeping multiple copies of files stored on separate media or separate machines up to date whenever a change is made to one of the copies is an old problem. Recently with the proliferation of PowerBooks and the rising...

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