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Tank Wars

Tank Wars (1993)

Tank Wars is a top down view battle simulation between two tanks.  The object of the game is to gradually gain money to buy items that will strengthen your tank enough to beat the final boss tank (Difficulty 'K'). When you first...

Temple Tantrum

Temple Tantrum (2001)

Temple Tantrum is an adventure puzzle game which puts you in the shoesof an explorer, searching for the 'Phoenix Eye' and other riches across numerous danger filled stages.


Tetrad (1994)

Yet another simple Tetris clone featuring color graphics.  

Tetris Light

Tetris Light (1993)

Tetris Light is a very basic Tetris clone. It has 2 bit graphics (green and white on color disaplys or B&W on older monitors) and features configurable control keys, but you cannot accelerate the piece drops, only drop them fully at once, or wait...


Tetrix (1989)

Tetrix is a very simple Tetris implementation for late 1980's Macs.  It features basic color and a single annoying square beep sound when a line is completed.  Controls are smooth, but once you press 2 to make the piece go down, it...

Tetronix 1.1-US (Tetris clone)

Tetronix 1.1-US (Tetris clone) (1992)

Tetronix is a small Tetris kind of game. There is an Apple IIgs port of this game called TetroTrix. Note: Do not confuse this with another totally different game from the 90's also called Tetronix.


TheZone (1994)

TheZone is a top down space shooter where its you against everything. Each 'Zone' has a number of motherbases which it is your job to destroy. Guarded by plenty of nasties, this game gets quite challanging. Power-ups and special weapons keep...

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