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Falcon MC

Falcon MC (1992)
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Falcon MC (Macintosh Color) is the most realistic combat flight simulator for the Macintosh. It effectively and accurately reflects the performance and capabilities of the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon within the limitations of a...

Hellcats: Missions at Leyte Gulf

Hellcats: Missions at Leyte Gulf (1992)
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Hellcats: Missions at Leyte Gulf is the sequel to Hellcats Over The Pacific (HotP).  You are a naval pilot of the F6F "Hellcat" in one of the best early 3D rendered open-world flight simulators.  After this project, Graphic...

A-10 Cuba!

A-10 Cuba! (1996)
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From Wikipedia: A-10 Cuba! was the long-awaited sequel to the original A-10 Attack! flight simulator. A-10 Cuba! had the same impressive flight model as its predecessor, except the graphics had become significantly more...


Mac-Challenger (1985)
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MacChallenger is a simulation of landing the Space Shuttle.  The parameters (glide slope, stall speeds etc.) were based on Nasa documents.  Unique features (Version 2) include an autopilot, weather, and an "after action" video...

Falcon: F-16 Flight Simulator

Falcon:  F-16 Flight Simulator (1988)
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You'll have to be a fighter pilot at heart to enjoy Falcon-a realistic but highly complex flight simulation game from Spectrum Holobyte. With Falcon you match wits with MiG-piloting Russians, conduct bombing runs, and fly low to avoid...

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator (1986)
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Flight Simulator is a second-generation, real-time flight simulation program that pilots of all ages and levels of experience will enjoy. The simulation considers 39 important aircraft characteristics and includes an out-the-window three-dimensional...

Comanche Mac

Comanche Mac (1994)
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Comanche,TM the world's most popular helicopter simulator, is now available for Macintosh®! A whole new generation of Mac pilots can now meet the RAH-66 Comanche Attack Helicopter, the deadliest piece of military hardware ever to take to the...

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