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Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur

Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur (1989)
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"Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone, is rightwise king born of all England." In the days before Camelot, when Magic and Evil rule England, a sword sheathed in stone appears in quite churchyard. Engraved upon it are the words...

Archon (for Mac)

Archon (for Mac) (1985)
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Strategy game for very early 1980's B&W Macintoshes  

Assorted Games Collection

Assorted Games Collection (1994)
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Various games: U Mac Rogue Spider demo 1.3 Sammy the Eel Pyramid Solitaire Poly-Peg 1.02 Kings Corner  


Awale (1997)
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Air Puck

Air Puck (1997)
(Added on 2020-02-08 09:11:22)

AirPuck is a fun and simple game in which you control one of the hitters, and the computer controls the other. It is set apart from other pong type games, because of its better graphics and its ability to allow the player to move the hitter, a...


Adventure! (1988)
(Modified on 2021-08-13 14:38:28)

Adventure! is a tiny adventure game for B&W Macs. Note: The first time you launch the game, it will quickly open and close itself.  Just relaunch it and it should work.  

Adventure Simulator

Adventure Simulator (1995)
(Modified on 2021-10-28 07:29:14)

Adventure Simulator is a text adventure creation environment with a graphical interface.  It comes with complete help guide (access it in the Apple menu).

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