Found 13 software entries in Applications beginning with: "H" from category: Internet & Communications

Helios Lan Test 2.0.0

Helios Lan Test 2.0.0 (1997)

Helios LanTest is a tool for testing network server volume and local hard disk performance. It allows to test the following how long it takes to - create 100 files with a size of 20 KB - open and close 100 files - delete 100 files -...


Hermes (2002)

Hermes is a premium batch processor for posting binaries on Usenet. Hermes requires a  newsreader to process files. Hermes does work with Thoth to function.

Hotline Connect (client & server & tracker)

Hotline Connect (client & server & tracker) (1996)

Hotline Connect was, for a short period of time in history, the most sought after BBS-like client/server software suite.  A client could connect to a server using its IP address (or a dynamic hostname if the server owner had one) over TCP/IP...


HTML Pro (1996)

HTML Pro is a program that allows you to edit Hyper Text Markup Language documents (the documents used on the World Wide Web) on your Macintosh. HTML Pro will display your documents almost as they will look when seen with a web browser, such as...

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