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Scheme Factory (Kaleidoscope editor)

Scheme Factory (Kaleidoscope editor) (2002)

From the Read Me file back in 2001: The version of Scheme Factory that you have right now is a preview release version of what we hope will be the next generation Kaleidoscope scheme editor. You'll find that Scheme Factory offers a clean and...

Sculpt 3D 4.1

Sculpt 3D 4.1 (1996)

Sculpt 3D is the Macintosh port of the first Amiga raytracing 3D app of the same name.  

Sculptor PPC

Sculptor PPC (1994)

Sculptor is a 3D free-form modeling program that is compatible with virtually every commercial 3D rendering program. With Sculptor, you can make many objects that would be difficult or impossible to create with traditional modeling programs.


ShapeArt (1986)

ShapeArt is a simple B&W vectorial drawing program where you can HodgePodge primitive shapes by drag and dropping them around a white canvas. From the instructions screen: Click on a pattern.  It will change the patterns of all...


SimpleImage (1998)

SimpleImage is a simple but powerful image- and movie-viewing application that lets you view all the most popular image and movie formats, like JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, TIFF, PICT, PNG, MPEG, AVI and more in a single, sleek application. (Some file...

SmartScrap & The Clipper

SmartScrap & The Clipper (1987)

SmartScrap is a Scrapbook replacement. Multiple scrapbook files, scaling of large images, table of contents.  The Clipper is a cropping and scaling tool with which one can determine the exact dimensions of an area where you are going to...

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