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MacMail 1.0

MacMail 1.0 (1994)

MacMail is a simple program designed to convert a unix-style mail file to a series of text files usable on Macintosh.  Each message is written to a file, with the letter's subject becoming its file name.  See the about window for...

Mail Siphon (68K and PPC)

Mail Siphon (68K and PPC) (1999)

Mail Siphon is tool to manage mailboxes. Mail Siphon provides an easy way to purge your mailbox or delete a specific e-mail without downloading the others. If someone sends you a really large e-mail, you might want to delete it rather than download...

Mulberry (email client)

Mulberry (email client) (2004)

Mulberry is an email client that has a large number of features and can work with sending and receiving via Gmail (as of 2017). Email could break when Google completely sunsets SSLv3/TLSv1 support for email. Receiving email works over SSLv3,...

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