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HolyGrail warez compilations

HolyGrail warez compilations (1996)
(Modified on 2021-04-19 06:53:30)

HolyGrail was a warez software compilation on CD-ROM's that started on December 31st, 1995.  What's archived here is CD # 1 to 40 (except 15, 18 and 26 which were damaged).  All of these compilations were on CD's except the...

Knuxbine 2.x

Knuxbine 2.x (2001)
(Modified on 2023-04-17 12:28:26)

Knuxbine is a program which will allow macintosh users to easily combine their Sonic And Knuckles image with any other genesis image to make use of the Lock on Technology. Features: Sonic 3 and Knuckles Combine Works Sonic Special...


PPFMaster (2004)
(Modified on 2024-02-01 11:07:37)

Originally designed for the Halo modding scene, PPFMaster is a simple Applescript GUI wrapper around Paradogs' ApplyPPF and MakePPF3 binaries. Their tool, PPF-O-Matic, doesn't work for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, so ScotiaSoft Systems developed a...

Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks

Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks (2000)
(Added on 2020-04-12 10:09:26)

Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks is an AppleScript addition package that adds functionality to AppleWorks 6. The "Enhancement Pack" folder consists of four items: Scripts, Scripts Support, Installer and ReadMe (this document). You can...

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