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What is TScript 4.0.3d?

Dear Macintosh user,

TScript is a piece of software for very special purposes, formerly used by professionals in the prepress workflow, but also most useful for anyone who desires the best possible output quality of vector graphics as well as pixel graphics on non PostScript capable output devices or even otherwise unsupported output devices. For some users it is a gem and a life saver.

Even the output quality of a HP DeskWriter or a simple good old Apple StyleWriter can be vastly improved in many cases. With TScript you might drive a DeskJet printer with a parallel port directly from your Macintosh, given you have an appropriate cable available. Forget about the PowerPrint software, but keep the RS422 to Parallel Port cable. If you own an ALPS dry ink printer with SCSI interface, TScript is for you. Combine top notch colour output technology for your desktop (still in 2017) with the best driver software available for classic Macintosh computers.

For users without any experience in this area the setup of the software might appear confusing and not as Mac-like as known from standard applications. However, once the software has been set up appropriately one usually may forget about it and leave it to perform its magic in the background. It might even be set up to work without any user interaction on a dedicated print server, if you do not mind to fiddle a bit with some ready available utility applications.

For suggestions of possible uses for TScript look up the web page of the 68kMLA Wiki: https://wiki.68kmla.org/TScript, please.

To discuss or share your experience around classic Macintosh computing, consider to visit the 68kMLA web pages: https://68kmla.org/forums/.


Download TScript 4.0.3d for Mac

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Compatibility notes

Needs AppleTalk.

Needs LaserWriter driving software, preferably LaserWriter 8.

Can be used without any printer to save output into high quality bitmap files in TIFF format.

Can be used without any printer to interpret and display plain PostScript code text input (great to learn PostScript language).

Drives most printers you can physically hook to the Macintosh, either using a proprietary driver from a choice of inbuilt drivers, using a generic driver for some common printer emulations supported by many printers or by processing the printing command before feeding it into any native MAcintosh printer driver, like the QuickDraw drivers from the StyleWriter series. Printers may be connected to the Macintosh locally by serial RS422 connection or by SCSI connection or by a serial to parallel RS422-Centronix conversion cable with some active circuitry. Probably you are lucky and snatch even a NuBus card rthat adds a parallel port to your Macintosh. There are chances TScript can put such card into use, if you add a Printer with Parallel Port, like from the HP LaserJet range or the excellent clean and queit OKI laser printers.

Benefits from OkeyDokey

May be combined with AppleScript and Folder Actions to automate autput processes.


Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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