Letraset FONTEK Design Fonts

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What is Letraset FONTEK Design Fonts?

Letraset FONTEK Design Fonts is a compilation of twenty hieroglyph and pictogram PostScript and system font suitcases for classic Mac OS.  It contains the following fonts:

  • DF Attitudes
  • DF Celebrations
  • DF Diversions
  • DF Journeys
  • DF Naturals
  • DF Calligraphic Ornaments
  • DF Commercials
  • DF Delectables
  • DF Demo
  • DF Energetics
  • DF Incidentals
  • DF Industrials
  • DF Inspirations
  • DF Mo Funky Fresh
  • DF Moderns
  • DF Organics
  • DF Primatives
  • DF Primitives
  • DF Radicals
  • DF Wildlifes


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Compatibility notes

Those are PostScript and system font suitcases for classic Mac OS.


Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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