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What is Apple Garamond Font?

Apple Garamond is Apple's corporate typeface. By consistently using the same typeface in our external communications, we have built up a recognizable style that helps our customers quickly identify our messages and our products. Now, using Apple's corporate typeface is easier than ever.

Apple has obtained a worldwide site license for the Apple Garamond typeface from Bitstream, a major digital type foundry. The license allows Apple employees to copy and use the typeface for their work at Apple.

On this disc you will find a folder labeled Apple Garamond. It includes three other folders: TrueType Fonts, Screen Fonts, and PostScript Fonts. Each folder contains a complete set of the fonts that make up the Apple Garamond typeface family. The family includes three weights: light, book, and bold. Each weight has both a roman (plain) and an italic version. The light weight is the regular, or text, weight. The book and bold weights provide two levels of emphasis.


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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Contains a system font suitcase, a True Type font suitcase and PostScript fonts for printers.


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