Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus 6.5.2

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What is Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus 6.5.2?

The Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus is a TCP/IP software router application that runs on a single Macintosh and interconnects local and wide area networks of computers to each other as well as to the Internet.

The SoftRouter Plus uses a Network Address Translation system to connect a private TCP/IP network to the public Internet. This allows multiple "client" computers to share a single Internet connection and a single IP address, simultaneously. This feature provides an effective Firewall, preventing any unwanted intrusion to your private network from the public Internet.

The SoftRouter Plus supports a variety of connection methods to the Internet, including modem, ISDN cards and Terminal adapters (TA), cable access, hardware routers, leased line and xDSL. A modem or an ISDN connection to the Internet is dialled automatically on demand, using PPP or SLIP protocol and disconnected when no longer in use.

Local area networks can use Ethernet, Token Ring or AppleTalk (via LocalTalk or AppleTalk routing).

Wide area Intranet links can be set up to use PPP or SLIP for dial-in or dial-out. Throughout this manual we will refer to PPP as the connection method, in each instance you may also use SLIP. The SoftRouter Plus can be used as a Remote Access Server, with password security.

For a basic Internet access the SoftRouter Plus configures itself and your client computers automatically, employing a familiar Macintosh user interface. Client configuration is achieved using a built-in DHCP Server, supporting multi-subnet fixed and dynamic IP address management for up to 1023 clients.


Download Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus 6.5.2 for Mac

Vicomsoft_6.52.sit (4.64 MiB / 4.87 MB)
Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus v6.5 installer + v6.5.2 patch / compressed w/ Stuffit
14 / 2017-08-11 / b65c8f8c97358b542cb96c1d4bbd33c2b2104771 / /
Vicom_SoftRouter_6.52.sit (4.63 MiB / 4.85 MB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
0 / 2017-11-24 / 80c5c6ba4239c843d14d119ec1818196210b6064 / /


68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.5 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K (68040 required) + PPC (FAT)

At least 6MB of free RAM

Mac OS 7.5.3 - Mac OS 9.2.2

OpenTransport v1.1.1 or later


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