Apple IP Gateway 1.0.1

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What is Apple IP Gateway 1.0.1?

Apple IP Gateway installer v1.0.1

With the Apple IP Gateway, Macintosh users with Apple Remote Access (ARA), LocalTalk, or any other AppleTalk network connection can connect easily to an Ethernet-based TCP/IP network to use the full range of Internet Protocol (IP) services. These include the vast array of Internet services
such as Telnet, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Gopher, World Wide Web, and Wide Area Information Servers (WAIS). Acting as a translator between AppleTalk and TCP/IP networks, the Apple IP Gateway allows data to move between the networks easily and transparently. It can be used in many ways—depending on the particular needs of the individual or organization. As a stand-alone product, it allows AppleTalknetworked Macintosh computers to connect to an IP network and access any of its services. In conjunction with the Apple Internet Router software, it providesn IP access to any Macintosh computer on any AppleTalk network that is part of the router’s network. And with an Apple Remote Access Personal or MultiPort Server, it provides ARA clients with remote access to IP and AppleTalk services—just as if there were a local connection.


Download Apple IP Gateway 1.0.1 for Mac

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Apple IP Gateway v1.0 installer + v1.0.1 patch / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 6.0 up to Mac OS 7.6

Compatibility notes

Mac OS 6.x - Mac OS 7.x

Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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