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What is GodGame?

GodGame is a simulation environment shareware.  It's simple yet more complex than the traditional "life" simulation.

The GodGame allows 1 - 4 players to create a small planet and to populate it with their chosen peoples.  Each player designs his own race, choosing its prowess, home terrain, and giving it special abilities (such as Magic, Technology, Flight, etc).  The more powerful a race is, however, the more Mana (power) it drains from its creator and the slower it reproduces.  Once the world is built and populated, the fun begins!  Now, in the tradition of all the greatest legends, the gods assist their people towards world domination.  Of course, a god may afflict the people of another god with plagues or other disasters as well as shielding his own people.  Every action that a god takes, however, drains him or her of vital Mana.  Without Mana, a god is helpless to influence events or other gods.  Eventually, when all gods are out of Mana, the (surviving) races must compete, relying only on their innate abilities.


Download GodGame for Mac

GodGame.sit (21.12 KiB / 21.63 KB)
GodGame v1.1 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 1.0 up to Mac OS 6.0

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

Mac OS 1.x - Mac OS 6.x

Note: Do not attempt to run under Mac OS 7, 8 or 9, since there is a bug that prevents one from getting past the name typing screen under those OS.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Mini vMac

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