Virex 7.1 for OSX PPC

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What is Virex 7.1 for OSX PPC?

Virex 7.1 for PowerPC OSX.  This version raised a number of unsatisfied clients who purchased that software and soon realized it was flawed.  Virex 7.1 has a bug that prevents it to scan volumes other than the boot partition.  Here is a workaround discovered many years later:

"When trying to scan multiple volumes, including the startup volume, Virex does not make it past /dev/fd (a directory structure that is created when OS X is installed) and stops with uninformative error messages. If you want to scan the entire system, you can use the --exclude option as a workaround. Create a file using touch, edit in vi, and add the following path: /dev/fd. Save and exit. You can then use the command --exclude filename"

-- Stuart Rich


If Virex 7.1 crashes when it automatically runs at login:

1) Open the "Login" panel, in System Preferences
2) Drag the .Virexlogin item to the top of the list of Login Items
3) Close System Preferences.


Download Virex 7.1 for OSX PPC for Mac

OSX_-_Virex_7.1.dmg (3.58 MiB / 3.75 MB)
Virex v7.1 for PPC OSX / DMG image
56 / 2017-04-30 / d4975ee7e77ee4dd9b3e753f96c1303ae6bcff9d / /



System Requirements

From Mac OS 10.1 up to Mac OS 10.5

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC (G3 or newer)

Mac OS X 10.1 - Mac OS X 10.5


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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