Finder Options 1.0

Author: Rolf Braun
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On: 2017-04-02 07:00:25
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What is Finder Options 1.0?

From the ReadMe file:

What features are revealed in the Finder by Finder Options?

Control-Drag to Make Aliases (Requires System 7 Pro) - If this is selected, you can control-drag icons in the Finder to make aliases, just as you would drag to move or option-drag to copy.

Reveal Original Item in File Menu (Requires System 7.5) - If this is selected, a Reveal Original item appears in the Finder's File menu. It does the same thing for aliases as the Reveal Original button in the Get Info box, but it's easier to use.

Command-Delete Moves to Trash (Requires System 7.5.3) - If this is selected, you can press Command-Delete to move the selected icons in the Finder to the trash.

What options can be set by Finder Options?

Disable Zoom Rects (Requires System 7.5) - I don't know why any sane person would want to do this, but you can check this to disable the Finder's zoom rectangles. It could speed the Finder up a little.

No Translucent Dragging (Requires System 7.5.3 and PowerPC) - Again, I don't know why anyone would do this, but you can disable the new PowerPC translucent Finder dragging that's used in System 7.5.3.


Control Panel. Freeware, but Copyright 1996 Rolf Braun.

Finder Options is not PowerPC native. Has been tested on Quadra 630, 

LC 575, and Power Mac 6100.


Download Finder Options 1.0 for Mac

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68K + PPC (FAT)

Compatibility notes

At least System 7.1 Pro. Works fully under Mac OS 7.55.

Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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