Apple's Generic Object Economy

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What is Apple's Generic Object Economy?

So You're Thinking About Running an Object Economy?

We are making available at no cost a technology component starter kit called the Generic Object Economy (GOE) technology release. For those who download the GOE technology release, it should take less than an hour to start serving the GOE, thus allowing members to sign up and add content to the site. Customizing and extending the GOE will require a person skilled in HTML and fluent with FileMaker Pro 4.0.

Once the technology support for the community is in place, the next challenge is to create community spirit and a shared sense of purpose. If the purpose of your EOE is simply to have members collect pointers to web based learning objects categorized by the Dewey Decimal Classifiction, then our GOE is a good place to start. However, we are hoping for much more innovative thinking from those who download the GOE.


What do I need to run my own OE?

We've spent a lot of time trying to make the GOE framework run in the simplest way possible--thanks to the recent release by Claris of Filemaker Pro 4 (a cross-platform--both Mac and Windows--database with an integrated web server) we're able to distribute a set of databases and HTML template files that comprise the whole solution. In a nutshell, to run your own Object Economy, you'll need a computer, a connection to the internet, Filemaker Pro 4, and someone who isn't afraid to work with HTML.


Download Apple's Generic Object Economy for Mac

Generic_Object_Economy_TR1.sit (1.12 MiB / 1.18 MB)
Generic Object Economy TR1 for FileMaker Pro 4.0 / compressed w/ Stuffit
9 / 2017-03-04 / dc9a08a6f63b9ef332b9b461946b15c52d91ee6a / /

Compatibility notes

Requires FileMaker Pro 4.0


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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