KDX & Haxial Bundle (MacOS 9 and Mac OSX PPC)

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What is KDX & Haxial Bundle (MacOS 9 and Mac OSX PPC)?

The KDX client/server system is an idiosynchratic, p2p-style, multiclient networking application which features filesharing, newsgroups, group- and private chat, IRC, audiostreaming, a fast content indexing and an almost full featured desktop remote.  KDX in Mac is 100% compatible with the Linux and Windows versions of the protocol and programs, much like Hotline Connect.  KDX comes with optional transfer and chat encryption and with an easy to use user and groups rights management.

This download includes an assortment of several other apps by the same author of which most of them are free, but the calculator and the organizer are demo versions.  Here's the full files list included in this download:

  • Haxial AppearanceEdit 140
  • Haxial Benchmark 100
  • Haxial ButtonBarEdit 100
  • Haxial Calculator 120
  • Haxial ColorSchemeEdit 100
  • Haxial Disk Catalog 1300
  • Haxial Font Edit 100
  • Haxial Hash 101
  • Haxial IconListEdit 101
  • Haxial Launcher 090
  • Haxial LogView 100
  • Haxial NetFone 140
  • Haxial Organizer 107
  • Haxial Remote Access 108
  • Haxial SoundListEdit 100
  • Haxial TextEdit 170
  • Haxial World Clock 1210
  • Haxial XYZzy 100
  • KDX Client 160
  • KDX Server 160
  • KDX Themes & Sounds
  • KDX Tracker 111


Note: The KDX server application, which once was a commercial app, is an "already registered" version.


Download KDX & Haxial Bundle (MacOS 9 and Mac OSX PPC) for Mac

KDX___Haxial_Bundle.sit (19.88 MiB / 20.85 MB)
KDX Haxial Bundle / compressed w/ Stuffit
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System Requirements

From Mac OS 9.0 up to Mac OS 10.4

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS 9.x - Mac OS X 10.4

Note: Most of the apps can also work under Mac OS X 10.5 but the server app has some network problems, which might be corrected using a bandwidth management utility

Important: In case you ever run into the "mac unix" version of the server - dont use it as it has serious bugs which can result in data loss. (the "mac unix" version is therefore not included in this download.)


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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