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What is GifBuilder?

GifBuilder is a scriptable utility for creating animated GIF files. Its input is existing PICT, GIF, TIFF and/or Photoshop files, a QuickTime movie, a PICS file, an Adobe Premiere FilmStrip 1.0 file, or the layers of an RGB or grayscale Adobe Photoshop 3.0 file*, and its output is a GIF89a file with multiple images.

Options include pixel depth, color palette, interlacing, transparency, interframe delay, disposal method, frame offset, looping and dithering.


Download GifBuilder for Mac

GifBuilder_0.5.sit (197.88 KiB / 202.63 KB)
GifBuilder v0.5 (1996) / compressed w/ Stuffit
30 / 2017-08-23 / 67fcb9a146195059e3fac71c4c141c09c06e1eab / /
GifBuilder-1.0.sit (215.84 KiB / 221.03 KB)
GifBuilder v1.0 (2000) / compressed w/ Stuffit
5 / 2020-03-14 / 04a35249ebc767db3eafd5d6ded385348ed87227 / /
GifBuilder_0.4.sit (139.04 KiB / 142.38 KB)
GifBuilder v0.4 / compressed w/ Stuffit
7 / 2017-02-09 / 2017-08-23 / 87cf11cb7849548a1a1c5a21b328b3a36f0addac / /


68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K + PPC (FAT)

At least 1.2MB of free RAM (may need more depending on the size of your working canvas)

Mac OS 7.x - Mac OS 9.2.2

Note: GifBuilder requires 32-bit QuickDraw which you might not already have installed if you're using Mac OS 7.x.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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