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  • Splash screen 
  • Gameplay 

What is Air Warrior?

Air Warrior is a multi-user (over modem) air combat game which uses the GEnie Informative Service engine.  It features B&W graphics, sound effects and a lot of somewhat realistic control over your aircraft.  You could even play using split screen to see what your opponent sees.  Air Warrior features nearly 20 different plane models from World War 1 and 2, jet fighters, on the ground vehicles such as Jeep, tanks, turrets and scenery.  This was quite nice for 1987.

To start the game, connect to your opponent and choose a plane from the menu.  To exit the game in progress, press ESC and type "e" and then hit RETURN.  This will bring you back to the splash screen/menu.


Download Air Warrior for Mac

Mac_Air_Warrior.sit (406.53 KiB / 416.28 KB)
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 4.0 up to Mac OS 7.0

Compatibility notes

Archiecture: 68K

Mac OS 4.x - Mac OS 7.x

Note: If you're running this on a color capable Macintosh, the game will run faster if set your monitor to B&W mode (2-bits).  If you see an insufficient memory error, try to allocate more memory on the Air Warrior application in the Get Info window under the Finder.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Mini vMac

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