Symantec (Think) C/C++ 8.6

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(There's no video for Symantec (Think) C/C++ 8.6 yet. Please contribute to MR and add a video now!)

  • Symantec C 8.6 disc graphic 
  • Split editor with user set marker selection 
  • Batch search with results 
  • Class browser 
  • Debugger with data format display selection 
  • Debugger with source selection 
  • Debugger with auxiliary window and expression display 

What is Symantec (Think) C/C++ 8.6?

This IDE includes several tools:

- the project manager with an editor,

- a class browser,

- a debugger,

- the GUI generation tool Visual Architect using the Think Class Library (TCL). 

With this you can literally draw the user interface of your application (windows, menus, dialogues with their items). For the menu items and buttons you can specify which window will be opened or function will be called. In fact you define a command ( or choose a predefined one) and the class that handles it.

You generate the GUI of your application by picking the elements from a tool palette and place them on the screen or in a window. VA will generate the resources as well as the code.

You just need to know which purpose a GUI item suits  (for example Panorama for graphical drawings, Subview to handle a part of a window separately). All those classes may be extended. A diagram is given in the uploads.
For every GUI item, Visual Architect will generate 2 classes x_(ClassName) and  (ClassName) derived from the first as well as the necessay ressources for the project. On each generation following a modification, the first (parent) will be overwritten, but not the second in which you will fill the empty methods or add new ones.
The generated code can be compiled and run directly.

My experience (with release 8.5) is that sometimes the object code gets corrupted, especially when a debugging session ends with an error (effect: crash of application or atof returning wrong value). In this case, just clean up the project by removing the objects (even all build information), and recompie all.

The debugger is quite nice. It is even possible to type in small expressions or conversions (to have an hexadecimal address displayed in decimal format for example.)

The distribution (at least 8.5) includes the development tool MPW.

Download Symantec (Think) C/C++ 8.6 for Mac

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Think Class Library Diagram
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68K + PPC (FAT)

Compatibility notes

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