Dataton Trax 3.7.1 (and 3.6.2)

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What is Dataton Trax 3.7.1 (and 3.6.2)?

Dataton TRAX is a communication sequencer.

Dataton TRAX software, running on Apple Macintosh computers, communicates with various media such as slide projectors, video tape machines, laserdisc players, lighting consoles, CD and minidisc players, MIDI controllable devices, smoke and effects devices, hard disk video and audio machines. It can also control presentation graphics software, such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Macromedia Director, running on any number of Mac OS and Windows computers.

TRAX can also run from a Dataton TOUCHDOWN  touch panel - there's no need to include a Macintosh computer in fixed installations.

The software communicates via intelligent hardware control units, SMARTPAX QC , which connect to presentation devices via dedicated interface cables, smartlinks. Each control unit can control up to four presentation devices. In addition to simply distributing the information coming from TRAX to the devices, the control units  monitor the devices continuously in order to ensure that they carry out the specified commands. The control units also send information back to TRAX, such as user input or feedback from the various presentation devices.

Each presentation device has its own control protocol which is automatically selected by TRAX. From the built-in device database in TRAX you can see how to connect and set up specific presentation devices, and which smartlink interface cable is required.

In addition to the external devices, TRAX can also control the devices built into some MacOS computers, such as audio playback from the hard disk or the CD-ROM. The computer's  monitor can be used as a customized control panel, including  the possibility of live video display.

Much of the functionality of TRAX is achieved through the use of timelines, with cues placed along them. These cues, in turn, are attached to icons representing the presentation devices, providing precise, synchronized control of the devices.

It is possible to control all devices from one timeline. But there are occasions when it is desirable to have multiple timelines. For example, different areas of an exhibition could be controlled independently using their own timelines. Or you could use a timeline to preview one video source on a monitor whilst another one is playing through a video projector. The possibilities are endless.

As far as timing is concerned, you have the ability to feed an external timecode source into TRAX from a device such as a multitrack tape deck, or you can let TRAX be the master, sending timecode to other devices for synchronization purposes. It's also possible to have a mixture of external and internal control for different parts of the show.

TRAX itself can also be controlled from other programs or computers. Extensive scripting capabilities allow you to tap the potential of TRAX and all devices it commands. The client program can run on the same computer as TRAX or on another computer connected via a computer network or  a serial port. A plug in for Macromedia Director is included, allowing you to add all kinds of extenal devices to your Director presentation.


Download Dataton Trax 3.7.1 (and 3.6.2) for Mac

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Trax v3.7.1 and v3.6.2 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Trax 3.x user manual (PDF)
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Trax 3.6 documentation (PDF)
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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K + PPC (FAT)

At least 2MB of free RAM (recommended 6MB, depends on your project size)

Mac OS 8.x - Mac OS 9.2.2 (Version 3.6.2 works on Mac OS 7.5.x too)

Note: Version 3.7.1 supports MP3 format while 3.6.x does not.


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