Macs for Kids and Parents Demo Disc (Dummies Series)

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What is Macs for Kids and Parents Demo Disc (Dummies Series)?

Comes from Dummies Series book "Macs for Kids and Parents" 

ISBN:  9780764501579

Book is here:

Most apps are demos.  

Creative Pleasures

  1. 3D World Demo (Microspot)
    • Create 3D designs and apply colors, textures, images, and sounds. This demo allows exploration of 3D without the ability to print or save files.
  2. Art Explosion Demo (Nova Development)
    • Includes 12 sample EPS images from a collection of 40,000 images.
  3. Color It! Demo (MicroFrontier)
    • Powerful painting and photo-editing software.
  4. Icon Mania (Dubl-Click Software)
    • Allows customization of icons with a huge icon library.
  5. Imagination Express Demo (Edmark)
    • Multimedia storytelling software.
  6. Kaboom! Demo (Nova Development)
    • Sample sounds from the Kaboom! package.
  7. Logical Journey of the Zoombinis (Broderbund)
    • Math game for kids 8 and older.
  8. Orly's Draw-A-Story Demo (Broderbund)
    • Storytelling software for kids ages 5 through 9.
  9. Painter 4 Demo (Fractal Design)
    • Painting software.
  10. PhotoFix Demo (Microspot)
  • Photo-editing software.
  1. Theatrix Sampler (Theatrix Interactive)
  • Includes Hollywood, Julliard Music Adventure, and Bumptz Science Carnival programs.
  1. Zonkers Demo (Nova Development)
  • Customization software for the Mac interface.


  1. AT&T WorldNet Service with Netscape Navigator
    • Internet service and browser software.
  2. Claris Home Page 2.0 Trial
    • Website creation software, functional for 30 days.
  3. SurfWatch Demo
    • Internet filtering software to block access to objectionable sites.
  4. Claris Emailer 2.0 Trial
    • Email client software.
  5. Anarchie 2.0 (Peter N. Lewis)
    • FTP client software.
  6. Disinfectant 3.6 (John Norstad, Northwestern University)
    • Antivirus software.
  7. GraphicConverter 2.7 (Lemke Software)
    • Converts graphic file formats to Macintosh formats.
  8. Internet Config (Peter N. Lewis)
    • System for storing Internet-related preferences.
  9. Ircle 2.5 (Mac Response)
    • IRC (Internet Relay Chat) software.
  10. Shockwave (Macromedia)
    • Browser plug-in for playing high-tech animations and graphics.

Practical Stuff

  1. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • For reading PDF documents.
  2. ClarisWorks 4.0 Demo
    • Software package including word-processing, painting, drawing, spreadsheet, and telecommunications features.
  3. Conflict Catcher 4 Demo (Casady & Greene)
    • Startup-file manager to help solve extension conflicts.
  4. DiskFit Direct (Dantz Development)
    • Backup software.
  5. DropStuff 4.0 (Aladdin Systems)
    • Compression software for making files smaller.
  6. FoolProof Demo (SmartStuff)
    • Protects files from unauthorized changes.
  7. GURU 2.3 (Newer Technology)
    • Provides information about the RAM possibilities on your Mac.
  8. Snapz Pro 1.0.1 (Ambrosia Software)
    • Screen capture software.
  9. TypeIt4Me (Riccardo Ettore)
    • Program that expands abbreviations as you type.

Bonus Stuff

  • Various goodies for use with the book (specific items not detailed).

Fun 'n Games

  1. Apeiron 1.0.2 (Ambrosia Software)
    • High-speed arcade game variant of Centipede.
  2. Barrack 1.0 (Ambrosia Software)
    • Game where you block off sections of the game area filled with bouncing balls.
  3. The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain (Sierra)
    • Brain-bending puzzles.
  4. Maelstrom 1.4.3 (Ambrosia Software)
    • Variant of the classic arcade game Asteroids.
  5. Pajama Sam in No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside (Humongous Entertainment)
    • Adventure game featuring Pajama Sam.
  6. Chess Mates Demo (Interplay Productions)
    • Introduction to chess for kids, allowing four moves in the demo.
  7. StuffIt Expander 4.01 (Aladdin Systems)
    • Program for decompressing .sit archives.
  8. TechTool 1.1.3 (MicroMat)
    • Utility for checking system files and zapping PRAM.

Download Macs for Kids and Parents Demo Disc (Dummies Series) for Mac

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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.1 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

General System Requirements

  • Computer: Macintosh with a 68030, 68040, or PowerPC processor.
  • System Software: System 7.1 or higher (System 7.5 is recommended).
  • CD-ROM Drive: Double-speed (2x) or faster.
  • RAM: At least 4MB of free RAM for most programs. (Free RAM is the amount of memory available to the Mac when no other programs are running. In some cases, turning on virtual memory will help if your Mac is a little short of memory, but some demos may run erratically.)
  • Monitor: Capable of displaying at least 256 colors or grayscale.
  • Modem: Speed of at least 14,400 bps.
  • Hard Drive Space: At least 170MB of available space to install all the software from the CD (less space if not installing every program).

Software Specific Requirements

Creative Pleasures

  1. 3D World Demo (Microspot)
    • Processor: Power Macs only.

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